CAPTURING MOROCCO | With photographer Bastiaan Woudt

This documentary shows photographer Bastiaan Woudt during his round trip through Morocco to shoot new work. In 2016 he won the prize ‘Artist of the year’ form the Van Vlissingen Art Foundation, which included an inspirational trip of his choice, which brought him to the phenomenal coastlines, deserts, mountains and cities of Morocco. Being completely new to this African country, and without speaking the language and knowing the culture, there were plenty of hurdles to be taken. But as the journey continues, slowly but steadily Bastiaan finds a way to do what he does best; capturing mesmerizing images.

Client ◆ Van Vlissingen Art Foundation
Concept ◆ Jelmar van Belle
Documentary by ◆ Jelmar van Belle
Sounddesign ◆ Studio C72 (Paul Cupido)

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